Carpet Cleaning

Local Rug Clean serves West Los Angeles and has cleaned over tens of thousands of rugs in both residential and commercial sectors. As nice and clean as carpets generally appear, they still need to be maintained periodically due to high volume traffic that traps soil deep within the surface. We understand what it takes to keep carpets not only looking clean but smelling good and properly sanitized, as most of whom we serve are families with young children and pets. Our technicians use the safest and most effective non-toxic and green detergents available and always use these safe products.

The Process

Local Rug Clean offers steam cleaning through portable hot-water extraction machines, the most effective and recommended method among the carpet cleaning industry. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians know how to qualify each different rug's price and cleaning requirements. First our technician will dry vacuum the dry soil out of the carpet before getting it wet. Once removed, we will apply preconditioner on your rug in order to break bonds of the deeper soils and bring them closer to the surface. This allows us to easily apply steam and extract the deeper soils in liquid form with the wand of our high suction water vacuum. Any problem areas, such as stains, spots, and/or odors will be treated for manually, ensuring optimal results you can see. Afterwards your technician will notify you and advise you on dry time and any concerns or recommendations.

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